Perodua send-off for engineering and prototyping trainees

Perodua is an active participant in human resource development and one of their latest projects is placement for students in digital engineering and prototyping at the company itself and at vendors. Vendors that took part in the programme played host and trainer to two students for six months and they were Sipro Plastic Industries, Ingress Technologies and Sapura Industrial while the remaining 12 completed their training at Perodua.
Presenting the certificates to the students was Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir, Deputy Minister of International Trade and Industry.
Perodua's effort is part of the Malaysian Automotive Institute's (MAI) Digital Engineering and Prototyping (DEP) training programme to give students access to industrial-grade software and hands-on training. MAI is a non-profit organisation under MITI.
Modules in the DEP programme include CAD(computer aided design), CAM (manufacturing), CAE(engineering), CAPE(production engineering) and Product Lifecycle.
This is the first year of the programme and MAI is sufficiently encouraged by the first batch of 20 participants that they are planning to induct 35 students for the next intake.
The MAI is also planning to work with UiTM to produce designers and they plan to hit the target of 4,600 new automotive designers in five years time.
Mukhriz later clicked on the 'right' button on the Facebook page to launch the Perodua Facebook fan page.
To commemorate the launch and also to drum up supporters, Perodua is also offering cash prizes and the chance to win RM10,000 in the 'Perodua Auditions' contest.
Those interested in the contest should send in their completed form to Perodua or visit the fan page at
www.facebook.com/MYPerodua to find out more.

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