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Perodua Alza merupakan MPV terlaris di Malaysia. Harga Perodua Alza juga amat berbaloi untuk anda miliki. Kadar penggunaan minyak Perodua Alza juga sangat menjimatkan. Dengan minyak penuh, Perodua Alza anda mampu bergerak sehingga 600KM. Bayaran bulanan Perodua Alza pula serendah RM542. Call saya untuk maklumat lanjut. HAFIY HAZMI   









Perodua Alza Facelift

Smooth and Bold can best describe the new Perodua Alza’s Facelift. Many Perodua lovers have concurred that the newer facelift on the Perodua Alza is a remarkable welcome, especially with the cheaper pricing in comparison to previous Perodua Alza model.

The Perodua Alza was launched back in November 2009 and has sold over 167K cars to date. Many agrees, that a new fresh face on the Perodua Alza is a welcome change. The stunning Perodua Alza MPV now looks more like the current Myvi, with its thicker grille and a more fun looking air intake as well as the sculptured front bumper.

Not only the outside does the Perodua Alza gets a facelift but the inside has an interesting remodification as well. Safety wise, the new Perodua Alza is now equipped with dual-airbags across the board, ABS with EBD and Brake Assist. Moreover, the Perodua Alza has ISOFIX mounts (the second row) for easier fastening of child seats to your Perodua Alza car.

The Perodua Alza is available in four colours which are the Glittering Silver, Mystical Purple, the new colour - Passion Red and Ebony Black as well as a single solid color which is the Ivory White.

The latest Perodua Alza starts from RM52,400 for the Standard (MT), while the Standard Perodua Alza (AT) is priced at RM55,400. The SE Perodua Alza is priced at RM56,400 for the (MT) and RM59,400 for the (AT). The auto-only OTR Price of Advanced Version Perodua Alza with its all its extra functionalities cost RM64,000.

Perodua Alza Review

Looking for that affordable fuel efficient car to fit your whole family inside?  Look no further than the Perodua Alza. The Perodua Alza is a 7 seater MPV that has been tested across many roads by many leading people like Paultan.org with positive reviews. Driving a Perodua Alza is different with other perodua model like Myvi or Viva because it has more stability due to its wider width and girth.

            Recently in earlier 2014, the Perodua Alza had undergone a facelift and this brought sales up exponentially especially with it price reduction in comparison to the previous models. The price reduction for the new Perodua Alza goes between 2.1% and 7.4% or between RM1,117 and RM5,117, depending on the variants. Perodua’s President & CEO, Datuk Aminar Rashid Salleh said that the price reduction in the new Perodua Alza is made possible due to closely managing operating costs by increasing efficiency in one way or another within the factory, therefore raising its productivity.

Coming back to the facelift, there has been some refinements in the exterior of the Perodua Alza which has added 40 mm extra length in some versions due to the shape of the front and rear bumpers. The structure of the Perodua Alza is also different due to the need to meet the ASEAN NCAP conditions. The Perodua Alza with its 1.5 litre, is fairly sufficient for an MPV and also has a lively acceleration. Stepping into the Perodua Alza is hassle free since all doors open wide and the height of the doors is not too high for passengers to climb inside the car. Also, the engine of the Perodua Alza produce less noise and has smoother sound compared to the older Perodua Alza. On the road, the Perodua Alza is a very easy car to maneuver – the steering is light and turning circle is tight and clutch is very effortless.
As a conclusion, the Perodua Alza rides and handles capably well. “There is little body roll and the ride for the test drive is very comfortable as it does not buck or bounce too much” says a reporter at Paultan.org. It has adequate performance and it is also quite decent to drive.

Perodua Alza VS Perodua Myvi

The age old question in the Perodua sales industry so far asked by customers is: Which car should I buy? Perodua Alza or Myvi? Both have their advantages and specific specs that make these two models much different from each other. However, to help you decide on which car is the better pick, there are a few factors that needs to be considered which are long term commitment, family size and costs.

The main thing you need to ask yourself is this: how long are you willing to commit in buying a car? Are you looking for a quick upgrade or change once you get that raise? If so, do not go for the bigger Perodua Alza and opt for the smaller and cheaper Perodua Myvi instead. Perodua Myvi is an easy to sell second hand car in comparison to Perodua Alza and it is also one of the fast selling second hand cars in the Perodua line.

If however you are looking to buy a car for a long term, for when you get married and have many kids, you should go for the Perodua Alza. Many of my customers after a few years come back to me and asked to upgrade their Perodua Viva or Perodua Myvi to a Perodua Alza because they have recently started a family. To avoid unnecessary extra cost that might incur during the selling-off period of your second-hand car to a new Perodua Alza, then you might consider straight away to buy a Perodua Alza.

With the recent facelift in early 2014, the Perodua Alza also comes with much lower OTR price in comparison to the older Perodua Alza model and it has a much lower price that its arch nemesis, the Proton Exora. The prices for the Perodua Alza range between Rm56k to RM64k per unit for the standard model and between RM67k to 70 k for the advance version. Some bachelors might be afraid to get an MPV because it gives a real father suburban look, but fear not! The new facelift on the Perodua Alza has made the little compact MPV look much sportier with its restyling that brings out the youth in you.

Furthermore, you need to think about your family siza. When you get married, you will aim to have kids, right? And those baby items are a lot and will take up to much space in a little Perodua Myvi. Imagine having twins! Gosh, go for a bigger Perodua Alza if you are going to be married soon. Save the time and trouble!
However, if your still young at the age of 21 to 25 whose looking to get married in another 10 years, get the Perodua Myvi. By the time you are going to get married, you would probably paid off your Perodua Myvi and can plan for your next MPV for the family.

Buying a car takes a lot of consideration of the long term factors. Many Malaysians go into bankruptcy because they rush to change their cars as soon as they get a pay raise. Try to avoid doing so! Plan your money ahead and always think about the upcoming affects your actions now will have on your future.